It makes good business sense for fishermen to reduce their expenses and adopt best practices, keeping up to date with information and technology. The Fishing Emissions Calculator can help you to identify areas where possible fuel and energy savings can be made, increasing your business profitability whilst reducing carbon emissions and helping the ocean environment that supports the Queensland seafood industry.

All you need is a few minutes to set up a User login. This gives you full access to the Emissions Calculator which you can use and update at any time.

What are the Benefits for You?

This web based calculator has been designed to help you and your business. It will provide you detailed reports of carbon emissions, displayed by asset and providing segment analysis. All calculations are based on the Australian National Greenhouse Factors (updated annually).

This will give you a first level energy assessment and a starting point for thinking about ways to reduce costs and emissions. Small changes to the way you do things eg steaming at slightly lower revs can make a big difference to your carbon footprint and your profitability. Reviewing your business activity and linked habits may provide areas where little changes at minimal cost can have considerable positive impact on your profitability and the environment.

The ‘resources’ section of the calculator offers a one-stop shop approach to providing fishing industry specific technical information that will help you make decisions. If you discover new energy efficiency information please let us know via the ‘feedback’ function or so it can be added to the resources section and be used by everyone.

Create Your Login/New Account

You need a current email address and a few minutes. It is very easy to ‘Create a New Account’ by inputting some basic details OR download the Instruction Manual (PDF) for full instructions.

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See how Tony & Karen Collard owners of FV Fiora, Townsville have used the Emissions Calculator.

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